Black Clover Season 3 Release Date News & Plot

Black Clover anime series based on Japanese fun-filled fantasy shōnen series of manga. Black clover season 3 is one of the most awaited anime shows of this year.

This original manga is the creation of Yūki Tabata, who has written and illustrated it as well. In February 2015, Jump Comics Imprint in collaboration with Weekly Shonen Jump first published the Manga. Since then it had 18 volumes released with over 120 chapters. The magazine also had created an English version for the global audience.

A video animation created by Takashi Noto and written by Takamitsu kono with 27 min run time was released in May 2017. The success of the video paved way for a full anime Television series, a few months later in October.

Black Clover Season 3 Will Release or Not?

With direction by Tatsuya Yoshihara and the screenplay written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, Black Clover Season 1 went on to become a big-time success. Further, their entire interesting ensamble character design was done by Itsuko Takeda. Minako Seki was the one who composed the music for the series.

Black Clover Season 3
Black Clover Season 3 Updates

Created by Pierrot Studio, the English version was subtitled by Crunchyroll and released globally through Adult Swim Television Network. The successes of the series lead to the expansion of the episodes from just 12 to 62 up until now. This in itself proves how much the Black Clover series is loved by the Anime followers and that is the reason why everyone is waiting for the Black Clover Season 3.

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Black Clover Plot

Asta and Yuno were abandoned on the same day in front of the Clover Kingdom church orphanage. Yuno is a magical prodigy who can do wind magic while Asta is extremely agile and strong physically. Asta makes up his lack of magical skill with his immense physical abilities. The two grow up as friendly rivals in spite of being backbone to one another.

The story moves forward with Asta’s struggle to survive in the world seemingly imbibed with magical skills. He dreams of becoming the next wizard king of the Clover Kingdom. The story revolves around his journey.

Nero, the anti-magic bird who is also very close to Asta is perhaps one of the most loved anime characters that is not the main lead of the series.

There are an ongoing list of episodes with attractive relevant titles like “Asta and Yuno”, “A Young Man’s Vow”, “To the Royal Capital!”, “Three-Leaf Sprouts” and many others in the Season 1 whereas Season 2 was more exciting with episodes of titles like “Whoever’s Strongest Wins”,  “Those Who Boost Each Other Up” and many more.

The airing dates of the Japanese and English version is different due to the network where it was released. The popularity of the TV anime also made way for an equally successful game released by Bandai Namco entertainment.

Black Clover Season 3 Updates & News

Rumors all in the air as the internet has a lot to say to unveil the curtains of the Black Clover season 3 that is yet to come. However, there is a  just a pun on the fans going all in the net to arouse and instigate their emotions as no proper arrival of new has come in the hand of the sources to reveal the true story of the new season.

But yes, as on September 3, 2018, Crunchyroll announced to press and audience that a second season will continue on October 2, 2018, that was the declaration that hovers with new as well as false discussions everywhere.

Expecting Release Date of Black Clover Season 3

As there is an announcement of it in the air similarly there is a day not far of the declaration of release dates to be out to everyone. So it will be announced soon that is all that every mouth all around the globe can say. Shonen Genre of Fantasy which mainly focuses on the male demographic is not seen frequently. So the interest towards a Black Clover season 3 is not bound to lower anytime soon.

Fun Facts of Black Clover

The Order of The Golden Dawn was and may still be a real sect, it was created in the early 20th century by Aleister Crowley.

The anime has scriptwriters who worked on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Monster

Yuno uses 4 different types of magic throughout the series. They are wind magic, re-enforcement magic, spirit magic and creation magic.

The manga creator of Black Clover Series, Yuki Tabata’s first Anime was Hungry Joker which was canceled amidst criticism and negative feedbacks.


There are anime fans that have a lot of things in their hearts and want to pour down it as to comment of the renewal and of about how the attitudes of shonen fans are going to change for the new war. While some other fans aren’t thrilled with the coming of new episodes whereas plenty of audiences are looking out for how the shonen will evolve by moving forward in the upcoming series.

The series is famous worldwide but Japan seems to be crazy for it in the most fascinating way. Thus, the men are at work to set up the bar to the high expectation what the audience keeps for the shows that truly entertain them to the fullest. The high rate and the fandom have made it exceed to open so many episodes and they further are on the demand for the Black Clover season 3 that can be anytime when the announcement will be made.

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