Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 Spoilers & Release Date

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we have seen that Goku and Vegeta are no match against Moro’s power and fan eagerly waiting for the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 which in fact will be the most important chapter of the arc. So today in this post we are going to talk about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 spoilers & release date. Yes! The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super 47 release date has been confirmed and i can’t wait to read the next chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47
Dragon Ball Super 47

We have seen that Goku and Vegeta have never fought an enemy as powerful as Moro even after attaining God’s Ki. Even after battling to the extent of his power Vegeta tried to gather his ki to make a one final attack on Moro but instead Moro absorbed all of ki blast making him even more powerful and also he absorbed the remaining ki left in Z fighter and left them to die but hopefully they are rescued by Esca and other Namekians. On the other hand, Moro and Cranberry started their search for Dragon Balls.

3 days later when Goku and Vegeta got their conscious back, they get to know by Esca and Namekians that Moro has destroyed 3 villages in 3 days but our Z fighter are in so bad shape that even Yamcha can defeat them easily.

Namekians amalgamates their power into one warrior but it was of no use as Moro killed him without looking at him and says “was he your savior by any chance. He was dead before I could even see him. APOLOGIES” and starts the destruction again for Dragon Balls. And we also see that Beerus is fishing on his home planet and all this mess doesn’t concern him a little. Now let’s proceed to the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 47.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 Spoilers

In the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super 47 we will see our cute friendly Majin Buu is woken up out of sleep and has become a big trouble for the Galactic Patrol as he has started to eat all of the food supplies of Galactic Patrol headquarters and it won’t be long enough when he finishes it all and we all know that what happens when Buu doesn’t get his food.

Then again our Z fighter are all out options and are fighting for their lives. Fans are speculating that Ultra Instinct form of Goku is the only option to defeat Moro but we know it doesn’t work like that and things like Ultra Instinct are saved for the climax and of course they not show Moro’ ending by just popping Ultra Instinct in between which might ruin the whole plot.

It Seems that Z fighter has no counter against Moro’s tricks, all that they have done against him has proven to be salutary for Moro. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47  might be the most important chapter as we might know the weakness of Moro. Let’s see how things unfold in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47. Also, don’t forget to share your opinion on Dragon Ball Super 47 in comment sections.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47  Release Date

The official Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 will be out on April 20, 2019 with English version which will be available on 3 official websites  – Viz, MangaPlus’ website, or the app. Stay tuned with The anime news for more updates of Dragon Ball Super 47.

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