Hundred Season 2 Release Date News Updates

Hundred Season 2: Could be Released in 2019: The anime series “Hundred” was first released in April 2016 on televisions for the audience like a pro. Gradually, audience witnesses Hundred Season 1 with 12 episodes. This anime series is entertaining and great for school students because of the storyline is based on a short story. It was written by Jun Misaki and published as a short story in the year 2012. Later on, Production IMS, decided to create an Anime series of the short novel. Tomoki Kobayashi, one of the most famous and brilliant anime directors was also the reason for interest in this anime. His team was known for creating brilliant anime masterpieces, so when he was signed to direct Season 1 of Hundred, things were bound to get extra limelight.

Hundred Season 2: All You Need to Know

Another reason for the success of Hundred Season 1 was that the characters are relatable to the reality. A beautiful combination of fantasy and reality is what made this series so relatable for the fans worldwide. With the much success of the first season, the audience urged for the Hundred Season 2. The first one was a hit show that led the path to the next installment.


A superhero is a savior in any trouble or misfortune. All of the sudden when danger in the name called “Savage” sprouts on the earth and threatens lives on the earth, someone had to come forward and be the savior.

To safeguard people from seizing to exist, a mysterious weapon called “Hundred” is needed. There are specially trained students from University called” Little Garden” who are the only ones capable of finding and handling that weapon. Little Garden is no ordinary University. It is a marine academy on a ship.

hundred season 2
Hundred Season 2 News

Hayato Kisaragi the protagonist is a young boy who dreamed of becoming one of the most renowned martial artists of the world. He wants to become a Slayer of the Savages. To do so, he enrolls himself into Little Garden Marine Academy. Hayato was looking forward to his excitement about two surprises in this phase of his life. Firstly, that he would meet the girl he liked the most and on the second part, it is that he will get a chance to fight with the best fighter of the university.

Emilia Hermit is his roommate as well as someone he remembers from somewhere but does not exactly recall. Though he has a crush on her, he is uncomfortable about the past with her that he does not remember. Moreover, the moment he steps in the academy, he gets involved in a ruckus involving the Queen of the school.

Hayato had destroyed the Savage clan with the help of his friends and roommate Emilia Hermit. The clan of Savage wants to destroy the planet earth for revenge against Hayato. The second season of the series will begin from where the first story ends.

Hundred Season 2 News Updates

Initially, after a few months of ending the first season in 2016, tentative news was published stating that there might be a hundred season 2 in a year or so. An announcement was made about realising season 2 in October 2017. However nothing much had happened. Apart from the multiple rumours which hold no truth in them, there is a fact that there is no official date announced yet. But surely there is an upcoming season 2 because of the extent of the audience’s love and appreciation for the first season. Hence coming soon of new a season 2 is the assurance the fans receive to get happy now.

The design and creative team under director Tomoki Kobayashi, will have to step up a notch than before if they really want to make the fans happy. The storyline and plot of the Hundred Season 1 were stunning and captivating enough in spite of being so relatable to our day to day life.

The news is that the second season of the hundred will be more of a trendsetter than the first one with amazing reviews and appreciation from the audience. There is a Hundred Season 2 coming up with this series on the demand of the viewers and popularity it received.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date News (Expected)

As of October 2018, according to internal grapevine, Hundred Season 2 preparation is in the pipeline for sure. we hope, they will announce a release date of hundred season 2 soon.


The first season of the anime series Hundred was a big hit and gained a wide popularity with the high rankings and now the excitement of the Hundred season 2 is on its way to amaze the people. The open-ended finale of Season 1 of Hundred left the fans of this anime series wanting more. The creative team certainly wanted the second season of this Anime for sure.

Hundred series is an anime based on a short novel that grabs the audience attention and makes it more exciting and entertaining for the viewers. There will be more fun waiting in the new season for the audience that eagerly urged for the following new series after seeing the hundred. There is fight back and thrills of what will happen next.

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