Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date: Will There be Another Season?

The first two seasons of Nanbaka got huge success around the world and now fans have been waiting for the Nanbaka Season 3. We got some news and updates about the next season so follow this article till the end to know the exclusive news about season 3 of Nanbaka. Nanbaka is a story about four friends who are sentenced to prison. The unusual plotline had garnered massive attention on release in 2016. Designed to be a comedy Anime, the first season of Nanbaka had 25 episodes that finished airing in early 2017. The hilarious comedy is quite a refreshing storyline, unlike the other prison-related plots. It begins with four unassuming guys who are sentenced to prison due to some funny crimes they commit.

Prison life does not change anything for these four comedians who have a different perspective on life altogether. They find hilarious instances in small incidences of life as they stumble through their life in a prison cell. Their hunger for adventure and fun leads them through some extremely entertaining and funny incidences that have the watchers roll off the couch in laughter.

In spite of being a storyline within the walls of the prison, the light-hearted way of depicting the stories of prisoners made this Anime reach out to even the most stoic individuals who never liked Anime before.

The Story Behind The Creation of Nanbaka

Nanbaka Season 3

Nanbaka is the brilliant imagination of Sho Futamata that was published first by Futabasha. Crunchyroll manga was the sole English translator and publisher of Nanbaka Anime Series. Published as manga originally by Comico Japan Magazine, it had six volumes released since October of 2013.

The anime version of Nanbaka was directed by Shinji Takamatsu and written by Mitsutaka Hirota. Studio Satellite had the copyright for the production and distribution of the Anime in Japan while Crunchyroll did the global distribution. The Anime aired initially between October 2016 and March 2017 in MS, Tokyo MX and BS 11 channel. There were 25 episodes in total.

Nanbaka Plot

Nanbaka is the hardest and most protected prison around the world. It is impossible for anyone to break out and escape from the Nanbaka. We have seen the story revolves around with four prisoners who are sent into the Nanbaka prison after their several escapes from other jails. The four of them have unique skills which help them in escaping every time from every prison.

But it is not easy to overcome the advanced security and modern technologies of Nanbaka prison. So, they understand it quickly that this time, it will not be possible for them to escape from here easily. So, they decide to keep themselves full of fun. The story describes the life of these four prisoners and strict guards around them.

The whole story of both the season is, and it will run with beyond your expectation. The funny characters will captivate your attraction with their interactive sessions. Not just the comedy, the plot is also filled with various twists and superpowers.

Nanbaka Season 3 Plot: What Do You Expect?

Nanbaka Season 3 Release date

Many theories have been going around about the storyline of Nanbaka season 3. However, the most promising one that many believe will be the actual script for Season 3 is as follows. The superior fellow of the Nanba prisoner is working for his head, and he is searching for wired body person similar to the fellow Juugo so that he can conduct some experiments on him.  Juugo plans to safeguard all his friends from this terrific guy. So that they all do not suffer like he is struggling with the weird body. People are desperately looking forward to knowing what happened in the Nanbaka Season 3. Hopefully, it will have an escape plan as the next storyline.

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Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date

Nanbaka’s first two seasons have a set of a total of 25 episodes. The first one started airing on October 5, 2016, and the last season wrapped up in April of 2017. Since the previous chapters of Nanbaka, everyone is eagerly waiting for the third season. The fans are also really excited for the next season.

Almost two years have passed since the last episode of Nanbaka. We think the primary reason for this delay is very few manga materials are left in hand for using it as a source. Though, a rumor has been spread that Nanbaka season 3 will come with 12 episodes.

We all know that Nanbaka is a real example of a perfect plot filled with the right amount of staunch humor and genuine laughter. It was expected that the Audience would want a season 3 after a hilarious roller coaster in the entire first two seasons. The sad fact is that the crew and makers have yet to dispatch a piece of certain news about when exactly one can expect the next season. Though as of now no new details of Nanbaka Season 3 is out, however rumor mill keeps updating random facts every few months. The truth and the lie in these rumors are hard to differentiate.

The good news is that the fans do not need to be sad as of yet because no news can also be a piece of good news. Most importantly, recent media reports have emphatically stated that internal news is that the Nanbaka series is considered for a fresh new storyline. Satellite studio has indirectly confirmed the rumor by stating that Shinji Takamatsu is being considered for directing Season 3 of Nanbaka.

Rumors have also been going around that the next season of Nanbaka will have about 12 episodes and air somewhere in the year-end of 2020.

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Final Verdict

We all love a great storyline that has fantastic characters and equally fun-filled dialogues to keep us rolling with laughter. That is what makes Nanbaka a great series to watch out for. The global popularity of this series is perhaps because of this sole reason. After all, it is not often we get to see a story about prison life that is not dark and gloomy.

Beyond the comedy scenes and dialogues, Nanbaka has some signature components like animations, visual potential, and much more, which make this Anime worth watching several times. The colorful art and animation added extra sparkles all over the scene and convinced you to consider this Anime as the best one that you have never seen before. We hope Nanbaka Season 3 will release soon but till then watch the first two seasons if you haven’t watched yet.

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