One Piece Chapter 938 Spoilers & Release Date

The last chapter of One Piece was pretty awesome. Fans have not witnessed such awesome fight scenes in bit recent time And everyone is waiting for the One Piece Chapter 938 to see what might happen in the ring with our heroes. Today in this post we will talk about One Piece Chapter 938 Spoilers & Release Date.

One Piece Chapter 938

One Piece Chapter 938
One Piece 938

The last chapter starts with our hero Luffy in the infernal sumo in Udon prison. He has defeated the pleasures and gifters and Queen is watching the whole battle while eating oshiruko. But still Luffy is putting is whole efforts toward mastering his Haki like Rayleigh who used his Haki as an invisible armor covering his entire body and hurting rivals without even touching them. Fans are speculating that Luffy will master this level and it will fascinate to see what happens next.

On the other hand, the rest of the chapter focuses on Zoro who fought Gyukimaru.  Where Gyukimaru reveals that the origins of the Shusui sword and the samurai Ryuuma. But then in mid of the fight, an assassin who is targeting Otoko shows up. However, Zoro easily defeated him. Now let’s proceed to the official spoilers of One Piece Chapter 938.

One Piece Chapter 938 Spoilers

Chapter 937 was both informative and action-packed. It has raised the expectations and craving for One Piece Chapter 938 among fans. We might see Luffy fighting more powerful people in prison and one of the Six Flying Fighters might step up in the ring to fight Luffy. Big Mom can also fight Queen for one obvious reason “food”. Luffy might also run away with Grandpa Hyo after releasing himself from the collar in his neck. Kamazo’s true identity as Denjirou plus the reason for serving Shogun Orochi might also get revealed.

We will also get to see some more exciting scenes with Zoro who just defeated Kamazo the Manslayer. Zoro will gain the respect of Gyukimaru and he will treat his wounds and give Shusui. Let’s see how things unfold in One Piece Chapter 938. What do you expect from One Piece 938? Let me know in the comments.

One Piece Chapter 938 Release Date

The One Piece Chapter 938 is slated to release on April 1, 2019, and the scans will be out by 29 March 2019. Stay tuned with the anime news for more updates and spoilers of one piece 938.

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