Parasyte Season 2 Release Date News Updates

Parasyte Series is a unique and popular anime series that falls in the genre of fiction horror manga. Parasyte Anime series made its debut in 2014 and since then has had a successful run of uninterrupted 24 episodes. It was a fictional, fantasy and drama series that attracted an audience after its unusual storyline that grabbed the eye-balls of the viewers. Slowly and steadily the audiences glued to it and made it a hit show.  A lot of questions hover around the mind of all the anime lovers of this Horror manga series like weather there will ever be Parasyte Season 2? Or When will it Parasyte Season 2 be aired? What might be the plot of the season 2 of Parasyte? Etc..

Parasyte Season 2 News Updates

The work was written by Hitoshi Iwaaki and was published in a magazine called Kodansha’s Afternoon from the year 1988 to 1995. It was so well acknowledged and appreciated by the audience that two action films were also made from it in Japan in the year 2014 and 2015. The renowned anime series was titled KiseijūSei no Kakuritsu and was aired in Japan in 2014 and 2015 successfully.

The anime series also made it to America and was released MIXX (Tokyo pop) and Del Rey. Finally due to the growing massive popularity of the series, even Kodansa Comic signed up the contract to release it again. The anime TV series was named as Parasyte the maxim and it was created by Japanese Anime Adaptation studio Madhouse.

Parasyte Season 2
Parasyte Season 2 Updates


The novel and anime series revolves around the tale of a young 17 yrs old male protagonist who was called as Shinichi Izumi. He was leading a very normal life when one day, suddenly the earth begins to get ravaged by a strange alien species called Parasyte, that feeds on human and generally enters the body by drilling through the head.

Suddenly one night while he was sleeping a parasite burrows into his arm after a failed attempt to enter his brain. However, Shinichi prevents the parasite from spreading into his brain even though he could not completely remove it.

The parasyte named Migi, comes to an understanding with Shinichi and decides to cohabitat without destroying each other. This gives a unique dual personality to Shinichi due to the combined traits and mannerism of Shinichi and Migi.

Shinichi is unlike any other normal 17 yrs old. He believes oin doing better and decides to help save humanity from going extinct by fighting the Parasytes.

Eventually, Migi and Shinichi together encounter other parasites and during the journey, they form a strong bond by working together to thrive into life and exist in the world. The parasu\yte constantly keep attacking Shinichi when they realise that Migi could not take over his human brain.

Migi at the end is even willing to die to save Shinichi from becoming a host.

Parasyte Season 2 News Info Updates

Many have stated that it is one of the most addictive anime to be ever created. That was the reason why the manga series was so popular and such a massive hit. Season 1 received extremely well-appreciated feedbacks and reviews. SO it was natural to expect that Season 2 will have to be a step further.

The way season 1 of Parasyte ended, a second season is bound to happen. The next series of episodes are believed to be in the pipeline and the makers are considering various scripts suitable to produce the Parasyte season 2. The open-ended finale indicated that the creators are seriously considering a continuation in future for sure.

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Parasyte Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

There is no announcement for cancellation of the Anime series, so the second season of Parasyte is bound to happen sooner or later. There is something in the mind of the Parasyte season 1 team to come up with Season 2 plot worthy of all the waiting.

The fame and extreme popularity of the Parasyte Series has been the one factor that assures us of the fact that Parasyte Season 2 can be right back on screen. So to satisfy the viewers with the right answers Parasyte Season 2 should be bought. The dates of release will soon be released and announced to fans.


In the world of anime watchers, there are lots of such anime which deserve a second part and one of them is The Parasyte that holds the best to unveil yet. In the Japanese industry, this series has a very strong fan following that leads to the viewers to demand Parasyte Season2? It looks that even after years of release, the viewership of the previous season never fails to reduce. Instead, there has been a steady rise in the fan following. Hence in Parasyte Season 2 the future of Shinichi will be seen as there may be more Parasyte in the world or any other new mystery maybe.

The question is, what Shinichi will do next and how will Migi deal with his conscious and his instinctive mannerism. Will Migi leave Shinichi forever to be a normal boy again or will it protect Shinichi and continue the battle with him?


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